Всё продумано до мелочей,
Вам остается лишь немного подстроить все фильтры под себя и вперед!


Подходит для использования в любой социальной сети для любого типа бизнеса или личных аккаунтов


Экономит не только время, но и деньги! Вам не нужно содержать большой штат маркетологов

Как работает Viby пошагово?


Our batteries range from 250Wh to 840Wh and 36V to 52V, depending on the type of bike. We strive to give you more range and more power while maintaining the same reliable FLX quality.


We choose Bafang for most of our bikes because they are always finding ways to improve their expansive selection of motors, and provide excellent support. With Bafang, we can rest assured knowing that your ride is smoother and more powerful than made possible by any other motor we tested.


A powerful bike should have powerful brakes; it’s common sense! Safety is a top priority, and it’s no secret that hydraulic brakes are a stronger, and more dependable braking system that can help you easily stop at a moment's notice when necessary.

Quick Release Thru-Axle

We invest in thru-axles because they are over-engineered to keep you safe and satisfied. Their extra thick width and redundant failure points provide a stable ride at any speed.

Speed Drivetrains

We are proud to provide our riders with three dependable drivetrain options: Shimano, Rohloff and Gates. We have carefully selected each of these drivetrains based on their ability to maximize acceleration, their hill climbing capabilities, and their top speed to ensure that you get the smoothest experience out of your FLX eBike.


Conveniently located in the cockpit of your bike, our backlit smart LCD display lets you easily check your current/top speed, battery life, and total distance traveled. Set new goals for yourself as you track your rides and travel new distances.

Smooth welds

Not only do our smoothly welded pipe joints provide an extra sleek look on our frames, they also highly reduce the risk of stress and the likelihood of microcracks that may occur while you’re riding.


Don’t want to pedal? Just give the throttle a little push, and let the powerful mid-motor propel you through the city while you just enjoy the ride.

Viby. Раскрой свои возможности!

Viby: история возникновения

We put our hearts and souls into designing the electric bikes of our dreams

FLX was founded by launching a wildly successful Indiegogo campaign back in 2016.

Since then, founders Rob Rast and Pete Leaviss have worked together with their team of passionate cyclists and engineers to create a new line of equally beautiful and powerful electric bikes.

Unlike other eBike companies, FLX ditched the middle man method, and instead created their own distribution center.

This way they could personally oversee every aspect of the production process, and offer their customers a direct-to-consumer price point.

This business model is what allows them to create affordable transportation that is equipped with the best components available.

To FLX, you’re more than just a customer- you are a part of the team.

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